Meet the Team

Our team has grown organically – through conscientious referrals & synchronistic meetings. We have one commonality – a personal trust relationship with universal energetic flow and a shared responsibility for authentic engagement.

Amy - Integration Guide & Facilitator

From a young age, Amy enjoyed exploring the boundaries of flexibility and the desire to express herself through movement, contemporary dance, gymnastics, expanding to drama and music performances on stage during adolescence.

A sensitive and highly perceptive personal approach led from academic interest in analytical psychology to more expressive and intimate hands-on work with nurturing human emotion and spirit followed. This approach demanded a deep heart-opening subjective investigation and ensuing journey of shared self discovery, tapping into many rhythms, expressions and styles before settling into a yin yoga based practice that is gentle, restorative and nurturing, drawing on inspiration from Tai Chi, Afro dance, meditation and breathwork. A natural desire to assist those on the same path arose; encapsulating the need for expressive intuition and gentle guidance for people to return to their authentic energy space and connect to their natural rhythm.

The management of personal time and energy, open and honest communication and an anthropological interest in the surrounding world has given an empowerment of understanding the human predicament on one’s own terms and allows time to bring these ideas to others through workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Amy is also dedicated to integration consultancy; founder of the Inner Council Workshop Series, an elaboration on Inner Child Work, and co-creator of an online women’s circle, which has blossomed into a truly sacred space where women are invited to share vulnerability, to be seen and heard in all aspects of themselves.

Movement is soulful, and as an individual who seeks deep connection, in herself and others, Amy finds peace, joy and empowerment in moments of self and shared growth. Moving into Rhythm directly engages, nurtures and invites expansion in her journey of transformation, honouring divinity within.

Wayne - Integration Guide & Facilitator

From an enquiring childhood Wayne connected to the stars and began studying the people of our planet, foundational sciences and objective meditation. At 19 years of age he visited the Tibetan refugee camps of Northern Nepal to train in Buddhism and was captivated by their rich & authentic lifestyle.

Living and working all over the globe his interests became about the similarities between cultures as opposed to the novel differences that separate us socially. Taking time to reinvent a serving lifestyle he naturally took the role of supporting others who had asked such questions and became interested in ethnographic connections to nature and the phenomenal interactions that can be enhanced with the master plant cultures in the shamanic tribes of South America. Since 2015 he has been working alongside these people and practices.

His commitment is buried deeply in authenticity and respect of these practices and the realms of experience that draw people into community. Integration and lifestyle considerations are a key part of working with Master Plants, in which he is able to give direction and support.

Moving into Rhythm was a response from the tools and direction that have been given during a committed relationship to master plants and his spiritual journey.

Brian - Movement Coach & Facilitator

As a child, Brian had a deep longing to create community and inspire the masses. Able to tune in deeply to his own and others emotional states, an intuitive understanding that he was a vehicle for purpose naturally developed. With reverence for personal growth, ascension, discovery and evolution; expressed and hosted through the vehicle of holistic movement practice.

As a self-taught drummer, an intimate relationship with rhythm matured over many years. Music being his first interest, it was the getaway to his true calling and passion; movement. In his training and education to become a registered Respiratory Therapist, Brian began expanding his mind and body to various philosophies and movement modalities. It was not long before he realized that a holistic approach to wellness and optimization — attention to body, mind, and spirit — was his true aim as both a practitioner and instructor.

Over the past 4 years Brian has travelled the globe to practice and learn amongst high level coaches, trainers, and practitioners, exposing himself to modalities and disciplines such as yoga, calisthenics, parkour, hand-balancing, bipedal & quadrupedal locomotion, contemporary dance, and capoeira. Endorsing a generalist approach to body attunement, appreciating humans as opportunistic movers that benefit deeply from the exposure of both mentally and physically challenging movement patterns and skills.

Through a deep exploration of the physical body, Brian perceives the body to represent a somatic doorway to access a more intimate relationship with one’s emotional and spiritual body. Holistic movement is an integration of power and grace; breath being the key to unlocking hidden potential in one’s movement practice. As a Respiratory Therapist, guiding to find greater fluidity and ease through freeing the movement potential of the breath within the body, thus freeing the movement potential of the body within the world.

Connecting with nature through plant medicine began in his teens; psilocybin his potent plant teacher. More recently, in 2017 he felt the call from the Master Plants Ayahuasca and Wachuma. After a month-long Ashtanga vinyasa training in Peru, Brian felt energetically shifted and empowered by the Sacred Valley. Intuition spoke clearly that this would be a place for him to return for healing and growth for himself and others. Honouring his hearts song, he returned to the Sacred Valley in March 2019 to meet both Ayahuasca and Wachuma for the first time; the opening was profound. Furthermore, the relationships formed with both facilitators and maestros left a resonance of home for him in Peru.

For Brian, Moving into Rhythm is an ode and honouring to one’s own intuition and higher self. This offering of movement and medicine is answering a cosmic calling.

Paola - Local Doctor

I trained as a General Practitioner (Western Doctor), graduating from University in 2012 and later trained in several areas of Alternative Medicine to achieve a supportive community practice in Urubamba, Cusco.

Currently I dedicate myself to accompany each individual’s potential to heal with respect to the natural process. I have the joy of providing Workshops of Inner Child Therapy, Reiki, Biomagnetism and other treatments through intimate connection with Nature and Medicinal Plants. Human beings are ecologically entwined in this great family of Pachamama and the Universe, each has within itself light to ignite and ability to redirect our choices, with humility and with honesty, I dare to say that the fuel, the key, the answer is in finding Love on a deeply personal level.

A bilingual and fully qualified General Practitioner. Paola provides medical guidance before and during our retreats. If any of our participants have medical concerns or fall ill during our retreats, Paola is on hand to ensure expert preliminary action is given and correct referral is made in the case of an emergency. Due to the altitude of our location in the valley, Paola can also monitor blood pressure, heart rate and give oxygen if necessary. We feel comfortable with Paula alongside us in our retreats and medicine practices.

We have a 24hr Emergency Clinic in the valley with ambulances and bilingual doctors, we visit them every 6 months to refresh our response training.

Merav - Tabaquera & Plant Medicine Guide

Merav Artzi, A healer working with medicinal plants from the Amazon jungle, specializing in Tobacco.

As a supportive member of the growing community in the Sacred Valley, Merav opens her home and her heart to those who reach out and realise her gifts and opportunities she willingly shares. Taking time to explain her work with tobacco and plants, Merav ensures a safe and supported space with which to go into diets with plants and tobacco, as well as tobacco ceremonies. Merav’s dedication to her work with medicine is reflected in group and community bonds too. A kind hearted, firmly grounded, passionate woman; a presence very much aligned with Moving into Rhythm’s vision and collaborative efforts.

For our retreats Merav offers tobacco ceremonies, which are deeply cleansing and healing for the body, mind and spirit and provide a foundation for further work with master plants.

I have been working for eight years as a healer trained with Amazonia plants, specializing in Tobacco. Beforehand, I apprenticed with Maestro Ernesto Garcia Torres in Iquitos. As a healer I work with patients suffering from hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma and more. In addition, I give Master Plant diets and teach students who are interested in learning how to heal with Tobacco.

To gain a fuller understanding of tobacco ceremonies and Merav’s wider work, please follow the link below to her website wherein any enquiries can also be directed.

Tobacco is the medicine of my heart and I am here to share this medicine with the world. I invite you, with lots of love, to ask any questions, and to take part in upcoming events.

Sylvia - Complementary Therapist

In-line with the considerations of Moving into Rhythm, Sylvia has studied personal energetic development through massage, sound healing and sacred medicine. From an intuitive childhood, and a questioning of ethics and human-interaction during inpersonal working environments, Sylvia relocated from London to the sacred valley in Peru.

Founded on a passion for complementary therapies, a dedicated yoga practice, conscious movement, breathing exercises and experiential self-enquiry techniques based on non-duality, Sylvia’s perspective on healing is derived from her studies and experiences of the body’s innate capacity to reorganize itself when provided with intelligent, tactile input, within the container of a therapy session.

Sylvia believes that each treatment is a unique journey that develops as the session progresses and she embodies the authentic manifestation of personal subjective experience, holding and honouring space for these developments to arise naturally.

For our retreats Sylvia offers a sound vibrational workshop which demonstrates the interaction of the external and internal vibrations, through gong baths and other instrumental input, participants are led through finding energetic manifestation within their sensory receptivity to vibrational sound waves.

Sylvia also offers CranioSacral Therapy, Intuitive Massage and Sound Healing Therapy on a one-to-one basis, along with San Pedro retreats at her beautiful and intimate ceremony house ‘Mama Coya’.

Alexandra - Sound Healer & Ayahuasquera

An Australian Naturopath and Sound Healer working in Peru as an Integration Specialist and Ayahuascerra. She holds degrees in Music Performance and Naturopathy (specializing in Herbal Medicine), has studied Osteopathy and has trained in Transpersonal Psychology for several years.

A personal journey with Ayahuasca in Peru for the past five years, Alexandra serves as both retreat facilitator and apprentice Ayahuasquera. She has been serving medicine in her own ceremonies for the last two years with a mixture of indigenous and Western approaches, slowly learning the wonderful medicinal pharmacopoeia of the Amazon.

Alexandra has been part of our personal journey with plant medicine, providing support in her array of gifts as a powerful, authentic practitioner, musician, friend and healer. Her authenticity shines through lively, light hearted spirit and firm groundedness, which also demands an unquestionable conviction in her work and to herself. Alexandra provides a safe sacred space, that honours the unique rhythm of every soul she meets. Her intention and willing support for community are strongly aligned and very much integrated with Moving into Rhythm; we are truly grateful for her presence.

For our retreats, Alexandra offers unconditional support and guidance before, during and after ceremonies with Ayahuasca, as well as sound healing therapy and sessions available for groups small and large.

Alexandra also has 25 years experience holding healing tents at Dance Festivals in Australia, where she worked with a team for harm prevention, drug education and facilitating difficult experiences for people on psychedelics. This serves her very well with the work she is now doing here in Peru.

Adrian - Kambo Shaman

Kambo Shaman

Adrian’s heart is rooted in authentic connection to spirit, providing unique and safely guided ceremonies with Kambô. After attending, witnessing and supporting in many of Adrian’s ceremonies, Moving into Rhythm are honoured and blessed to offer this sacred union with Kambô in order to cleanse towards more energetic stability for personal practice and further medicine work.

I have been studying and working with different healing modalities since I started 20 years ago. After years of practice and exploration I found myself guided to working with sacred plants as tools for healing and guides that helps us reconnecting with our deepest self, our true self.

On my search for deepening my experience I came to Peru to work with mother ayahuasca and traditional curanderos. At the time of arriving in Peru I was already set with a goal to look for a powerful medicine I had heard about before, Sapo or Kambô. Not too long after I got to the Amazon and while working with a palero ayahuasquero, I found a lead for encountering this medicine and went to look for it with the intuition that it would help me in my process of growth and healing.

When I first encountered the medicine I had such a profound experience that I decided to bring it back to Mexico to treat my mother from her high blood pressure. I ended up staying in the sacred valley and so my mom had to come to immerse in a healing process. The Kambô treatment was indeed responsive to my mother’s ailments and shortly after returning to Mexico, her doctor took the decision to suspend her prescribed medication.

After receiving the medicine from the first curandero, I began administering the medicine on myself and for some months friends around me asked for the medicine. After a while, I recognized the call to serve with this powerful tool and so I went back to the jungle, this time to the Matsé tribe, to learn more and to ask for permission to share the medicine with other people.

Kamaski - Andean Shaman

A dedicated, grounded and authentic healer of the Quechuan shamanic tradition, Kamaski gracefully manages individuals and groups into the furthest reaches of the traditional sacred plant medicines of the Andean mountains. Our own personal experiences and in facilitating groups with Kamaski have shown us a healer who embodies the principles of the medicine and holds protective space for deep journeying and healing.

I’m Ichuri; a psychologist and psychiatrist. Ichuri comes from my Inkan ancestors. Kamaski means a being created to serve. Learning to heal myself, I learned to heal; thanks to the sacred medicine ayawasca. I live in the community of Huasao, in Cusco. My Mother was a healer and the town of Huasao is a place of qheswas healers. I am a yachaq (sage) of our Inkan culture and I heal and cure within the Inka healing tradition.

I work with the following three levels of our being: uhunpacha, kaypacha and hanaqpacha. Uhunpacha works on our internal state; emotions and sentiments of the subconscious. Kaypacha works with our bodies; foods and the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). Hanaqpacha works with our spiritual self; the connexion with the Apus (sacred mountains), Pachamama (Mother Earth), the connection with the Cosmic Mother and with the ancestral spirits (Illa teqse wiraqocha).

Juan Carlos Quispe - Shipibo Shaman

My spiritual name is Inon Bari. I am from the Shipibo nation, we have our own language and culture.​

I was born in 1984 in a town called: Jepe Ian or Yarina Qocha, located by the north east of Peru, in Ucayali region.​

Being just 6 years old when I first drank the Ayahuasca medicine, from that day I started to walk the spiritual path guided by my grand father: Rankon Metsa, who inherited sacred knowledge of medicinal plants. He was a great elder and maestro (shaman) for the Shipibo nation.

When I was 15 years old I was recognised as a maestro (shaman) to guide Ayahuasca ceremonies. Now with a profound love and humbleness I share the knowledge about the ancestral medicine Ayahuasca.

“The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community finds its reflection,
And when in the community
The virtue of each one is living.”

Rudolf Steiner