The Moving into Rhythm team have a vision of community collaboration, working with incredible practitioners met through our years of rehabilititive and spiritually progressive work around authentic practices in beautiful environments.

Together we have realised access to a real dream team.

Our intention is to bring together our team in intimate retreat style gatherings, empower each other and demonstrate the best of our ability to those dedicated to train towards authentic expression, spiritual alignment and optimal being.

About Our Team

We are a like-minded group of retreat practitioners who have come together to realise authentic ideas through careful collaboration. We have an incredible ability to pool together a great wealth of wisdom, making our retreats fascinating both for participants and practitioners.

What we aim to provide is authentic expression, fair exchange, enabling platforms and group encouragement. Our goal is optimum lifestyle through realised expression. We believe that wisdom comes from within and we learn as it is realised. In allowing ourselves to listen, accept and express we are honouring ourselves as incredible creatures, here on a soul journey to fully experience each moment and to explore the beautiful internal and external landscapes that surround us.

All of us are dedicated to our spiritual practices and urge those around us to learn and progress through loving and supportive community. Moving into Rhythm welcomes you to join us.

Upcoming Retreats


Ignite your Inner Compass

Cusco | Peru | 26th April 2020 | 7+ Days

Carew Movement

Honouring one’s own unique rhythm: a series of movement flow sessions and workshops will be offered to facilitate in beginning, expanding upon and growing in your personal daily practice. Whether you already have a movement practice, or would like the opportunity to explore and experience a deeper connection with yourself, this space provides the platform.

Location Sacred Valley of the Inca (Cusco), Peru
Small Groups | Limited Spaces


Inner Child Weekend Retreat

Sacred Valley | February 22nd - 23rd 2020 | All Inclusive

Inner Child Weekend

I invite you to a nurturing weekend of rediscovering the essence of your true self through a practical Inner-Child workshop and medatitive cacao ceremony, to connect to your inner authentic rhythm and step into personal healing and empowerment.

Location Sacred Valley of the Inca (Cusco), Peru
Small Groups | Limited Spaces

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